We are an architecture and interior design office that creates unique solutions for your new home adapting to your needs

& Extensions

We believe in transformation and second chances, which is why we focus on renovating existing structures.

This allows us to avoid waste and to optimize spaces and resources, while still providing you with the same levels of comfort and satisfaction.


When we design, we consider both architecture and interior design as a whole.

Our goal is to understand the way you live and what your functional needs are in order to create a space that inspires you in your daily life.


We value how tailor-made furniture can affect the way a space is enjoyed and how it can influence the way people interact with each other.

We design the most fitting furniture to meet your functional needs and lifestyle.

Hi! I'm Inma Cantero

Architect and Interior designer

When I was a newcomer to the Netherlands, I bought an apartment in Rotterdam that needed a lot of work doing in order to become a home that fit my family's functional needs and that resonated with our lifestyle.

I understand what it takes to build a home that inspires you in your daily life, and this is why I now make it my mission to help you go through this process as effortlessly as possible.


Architect and Interior Designer in Schiemond, Rotterdam

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