I live abroad, is it possible to work with you online? 

We are based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands however, we seek to help you wherever you may be. We believe our values and approach to our projects allow us to work from afar with the utmost quality and dedication.

We seek to always be involved throughout the whole process; from the design phases up to the execution of the project. We like to keep close communication with local building companies, furniture makers or other professionals required on site to be involved in the development of the work.

Contact us so we can talk about your ideas. We speak english, spanish, german and dutch.

I would like to get a quote, what information would you need from me?

First of all, thank you for being interested in our studio. We would be pleased to talk to you about your ideas.

For that, please contact us with a brief explanation of what you would be interested in doing and where you are based.

Any construction plans and/or photos are always a plus!

What may I expect in terms of meetings and contact throughout the process?

It is important to us that we listen and empathise with you and your needs. We want to focus on your real needs and find solutions to solve them while optimizing resources and processes.

We keep close communication with our clients throughout the whole process, involving you in all the process, providing aesthetic and technical guidance from the implementation phases of the project up to the construction work.

We schedule periodic meetings to show the process of every phase, and are always at your disposal by phone and email.

I have only part of my home/business that I would like you to work on. Is that a possibility?

We would like to help you no matter the scale of your needs or resources.

Please contact us so we can talk and see how we can work together in improving your surroundings.

I am an architect/interior designer and would be interested in collaborating with you.

We love creating synergies with other professionals in our field, and would love to talk to you about it.

At Cantero Architecture we collaborate daily with an excellent team of international multidisciplinary professionals.

Depending on the requirements of every project, we seek their unique expertise to help us achieve our goals.

Please contact us so we can meet virtually or face-to-face and talk about it!  

Do you also purchase building permits?

Yes, we are an architectural office so in the case the agreed design requires a permit we are able to purchase it- but only in the Netherlands.

When we work Internationally, we prepare all the necessary documentation and information for a local partner to process the building permit.