Our promise of sustainability

Implementing sustainable architecture solutions in our work is very important to us, not only to respect our planet but also to improve our clients’ quality of life in their space.

Cantero Architecture's Press for project Oak Heart

Conscious Designs

Sustainable architecture starts with conscious design, which is our way of approaching all of our projects. This includes parameters such as location, orientation, natural light, ventilation strategies, sun shading and more, so to improve the interior confort of the whole household and making the space as sustainable as possible. For example by reducing the use of air conditioning or heating and improving the quality of the space with these indirect strategies.



While designing we think in the long-term, implementing designs that are functional and useful to your needs while remaining transformable if needed. Therefore, we research the right layout possibilities that match with your needs in the present but also thinking about future flexibility for the space if needed. You’ll see that with sometimes minimal intervention and little resources the space can be greatly transformed.

Responsible Materials

We are continuously looking into more sustainable materials with local suppliers, reducing our carbon footprint and taking advantage of existing resources.


We do our best to select materials that are most natural and harmless towards our health or the planet. It is important to us that they have as little negative externalities as possible, whether during their production, usage or means of disposing them. We prioritize materials that have a low environmental impact, a long life-cycle and those which can be reused, maintained and/or that are produced with renewable energies.

extension renovation interior design

Waste Management

In all our projects we pay special attention to how we manage waste. We always look for new ideas to follow the 5rs; refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose & recycle so that we produce as little waste as possible.



We find innovative ideas on how to reinsert things in the production chain or back to their environment with no environmental consequences.

Cantero architecture office with Inma Cantero working on an architectural project

Continous improvement

We regularly follow courses, workshops and research about sustainable design, materials, solutions and strategies.


This is knowledge that we continuously improve and that we bring to our work adding even more value to all our projects.

In December 2022, Cantero Architecture was one of the lucky businesses to be selected by the Creative Industries Fund NL to help us develop our studio and commit to our promise to continously learn and improve. 

Ecological web host

We cannot be prouder to have our website powered by Greengeeks. This green web host contributes to minimise its impact on the environment, and by choosing them as our host, we contribute to their commitment to invest in green energy. Moreover, their European data center is located in The Netherlands, just like our office. 

You can read more about Greengeeks and be part of their positive impact.