“In Cantero Architecture we design conceptual and contemporary solutions using sustainable strategies to interact with a current space & add value to it.”

Inma Cantero
Founder of Cantero Architecture

Originally from the Canary Islands, Inma followed her professional training as an architect in Spain and Germany, where she studied and worked. 

Inma is specialized and qualified in building rehabilitation.

She founded her own architecture studio, Cantero Architecture, in Rotterdam in 2017.


Inma practices collaborative entrepreneurship with other architectural offices. She collaborated, among others, with Nomadic Resorts in the architectural design of Wild Coast Tented Lodge in Sri Lanka, which won UNESCO Prix Versailles for Restaurant Exterior and Grand Award for Sustainability from DFA awards.


She had the honor of speaking at the Escuela de Arquitectura in Gran Canaria for its 50th anniversary about collaborative entrepreneurship.


She has been featured in various magazines and online platforms specialised in architecture and design.

Cantero Architecture is a dynamic and determined
architectural office focused on
renovation and interior design

Cantero Architecture’s motivation is founded on the desire of optimising both space and circumstances, bringing passion and enthusiasm in all of our projects.

Cantero architecture office with Inma Cantero working on an architectural project

Our mission is to help people

We would like to help you no matter the scale of your needs.


Let’s talk and see how we can work together in improving your surroundings.

We accompany our clients
throughout the whole process

Our office provides aesthetic and technical guidance during the implementation of the whole project and its construction work.

We remain in close communication with our clients throughout the whole project; from its design until it becomes a reality. We care about listening and empathizing with you. We focus on your real needs and how to solve them while optimizing resources and processes.

We work with a team of international
multidisciplinary professionals

We work constantly in collaboration with an extraordinary team of international multidisciplinary professionals regarding the requirements of every project, so that you only have to worry about enjoying the result.

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We create long-lasting designs that

improve the spatial value of existing spaces.


We design functional and unique solutions
for all of our projects and clients, depending on what
your needs are.


We aim to bring personality to your space while creating practical and comfortable designs to optimise the current situation.

We focus on consistent aesthetics and

using the most appropriate materials

While designing we consider sustainable strategies and introduce the most appropiate materials. For us it is an important compromise to implement sustainable solutions in all of our projects, not only to respect our planet but also to improve our clients’ well-being in their space. For that we use sustainable design parameters that consider aspects such as orientation, natural light, ventilation strategies,…

We are continuously researching on appropriate use of sustainable materials, optimizing existing resources and thinking about how we manage waste. We always do our best to recycle, reuse and repurpose what we can.


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