The Bakery

Noorderwarstraat, formerly a bakery, consisted in renovating two floors of this three-floor apartment. The client is a film producer, therefore the idea behind the renovation was to create “frames & backgrounds” to allow activities in between. See-through spaces, openess and connecting spaces were important aspects to achieve. 



We connected rooms & uses to the spaces with the aim of inspiring new playful and useful activities. The two floor renovation consisted in the social areas, and one of the floors can now be turned into a private and autonomous apartment in the case of having guests over.






Apartment renovation

100 m2


Amsterdam, NL

Private customer

The ground floor of this building used to be the bakery, reason why the facade of the  two first floors and basement is fully glazed with the entrance in the corner of the ground floor that is directly connected to the basement where the ovens were and an upstairs connection where all the baking and organisation was happening. Therefore, we wanted to emphasize the relation between the different levels, the first floor and the entrance of the house that gives on the street.  

Following our “frame & background” strategy, we designed two walnut frames facing the ground floor entrance; we made one into an open desk with storage and the second one into a children’s bench or “stage” with storage located at the entrance level. Both feature different backgrounds according to the different uses of each space. One of them is an interactive shelf in the play/social area and kitchen.
In the entrance, we designed a long bench around the space -where we defined an exclusive place to put a really special tree for the clients- so the whole family can put their shoes on and get ready.
Architecture and interior design of project Noorderdwarstraat by Cantero Architecture
The top floor was an independant area with two rooms which were connected with the rest of the apartment and consisted in the social area. We cleared the corridor and got rid of the door that separated the kitchen and the living-room to generate a kitchen space to organise the social area. The kitchen is also connected to the living-room through a marble frame.