Mathenesse's House

Mathenesserlaan is a house with recognised architectural and historical value in the center of Rotterdam. The three-floor house as well as its housing block in which it is built are a good example of Neo Renaissance style. This house still characterises a traditional Dutch residence of a narrow but long volume generated by the wooden beams that are supported by the bearing walls. Considering that this type of space generally remains quite dark and unused in the center of the floor, we were able to open it up to sunlight and give it a larger purpose.


Our organisational strategy on all floors of this house was therefore to focus on an inner element that divides the layout into the front and the back of the house. 









House renovation

270 m2


Rotterdam, NL

Private customer

Luuk Smits

Marie Saladin

On the ground floor we achieved dividing our layout by taking advantage of the existing traditional wardrobe with sliding doors –dividing/connecting the living spaces. We renovated, and also redesigned one part of it to provide a better organised storage space connected to the dining room. On this floor we also reduced the length of the corridor but connected it visually to the kitchen by adding a glass partition wall. 

We suggested exposing the previously hidden staircase to the basement and linking it with the kitchen, so that they could use the basement as a wine cellar as the clients are true wine lovers. Also, one of the most relevant changes in this layout is the opening of the load-bearing wall to connect the kitchen to the dining room, resulting in a large island that interacts between the two spaces.


The first floor is the most private floor, where most of the bedrooms are located. We developed a core that serves as a dressing room for the master bedroom, a shower room from the corridor and a built-in wardrobe from the secondary bedroom. 

We also arranged the corridor the same way as downstairs, by creating a glass wall that reveals the master bathroom, which is closed off from direct access but provides visual access through the space and to the outside through the large window. The master bathroom is connected directly to the master bedroom.

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Mathenesserlaan bathroom bathtub
mathenesserlaan bedroom interior design
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On the third floor, the floor dedicated to private leisure purposes, we arranged an open volume with combined pantry and secondary kitchen space as well as a laundry space at the back, under a convenient staircase to access the rooftop terrace.

We also opened up the front part of the floor plan to generate an open, multifunctional social space to emphasise the impressive roof structure in this area and to develop different activities and hobbies for the clients: movie nights, sport sessions, cooking together, laundry…

At the back of the house a full bathroom and a guest bedroom have been designed. Providing an upper floor perfect for hosting guests and making them feel like they have their own flat in this amazing house.


There are several special features in the house, such as the original skylight at the top of the main staircase, the black iron banister on the staircase, the bay window in the secondary bedroom… and many other original details.

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