The Mail Dock

This project consisted in turning a two-floor apartment into three floors with a roof extension, providing the apartment with a generous living-room and roof terrace. Also the layout of the preexisting levels was transformed and optimised to live in a more social and interactive way, perfect for this family of four.

The entrance floor is the more private one where all the bedrooms are. We created two rooms at the back of the apartment instead of three narrow ones, so each child has its own room and share the bathroom. For the master bedroom we generated an open en-suite bathroom with open basin, shower and hidden toilet that gives onto the main room that overlooks the green channel.

The middle floor is the most social and active area with the kitchen, dining room and pantry. Except for the laundry room and the guest room, the rest of the floor plan is open, even the staircase which links the two more social floors. The new top floor is an extension towards the back facade where we designed and built a living room and roof terrace. On the front side we also added two skylights which let the afternoon light into the living room.

We tried to maintain coherence in the materials used. So in general for the flooring, we chose to have wooden oak floors. For the bathroom floors we chose different tiles according to the specifications of each room. For the childrens’ bathroom we used blue hexagonal tiles which are a bit more playful, and more neutral and big sized tiles for the en-suite bathroom in the master bedroom. However for the walls of both bathrooms we used the same neutral tiles only with different patterns.For the social floor we used terrazo tiles for the laundry room and the guest toilet, which interact with the rooms and add a friendly colourful touch. For the wet areas we used terrazzo tiles, which interact well with the rooms and add a friendly and colourful touch.








Apartment renovation

180 m2


Amsterdam, NL

Private customer

Luuk Smits

Christine Just

entrance to postjeskade house
architecture renovations and interior design postjeskade project in rotterdam
in-suite bathroom postjeskade

This project was a challenge because we started our architectural and design services a few days before the building company started the renovation works. So our workflow was intense taking decisions very quickly while fully collaborating and communicating with our clients.

architecture renovations and interior design postjeskade project in rotterdam
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