East Channel House

For the Oostenburgergracht project the aim was to bring openess and prioratise the social area on the upper floor. We followed two different strategies in this apartment, one for each floor.

While we prioritized relationships and interactions for the new design of this apartment we still managed to optimise the uses of each room and leave the opportunity for future transformations if needed.








Apartment renovation

90 m2


Amsterdam, NL

Private customer

Luuk Smits

Marie Saladin

On the upper floor we optimised the space using an organisational line as a strategy to design the whole floor. An eucaliptus green line develops zigzagging along the apartment generating different areas with lounge sideboard, kitchen, living room furniture. This line also organises the kitchen’s area and the new entrance is hidden behind the kitchen.

The whole floor is now open. We took advantage of the existing concrete structure of the apartment and while it now has a really social atmosphere, it still generates a feeling of calm and relaxation. This space was also thought out to host some guests and if needed be transformed into a third room in the future. 


We took advantage of the concrete structure of the apartment, and opened the whole social floor to generate more interaction, while still creating a feeling of calm and relaxation. The private living room which is now open is thought out to host guests, but in the future if needed it can be transformed into a third room. We also focused on interactions while designing this open floor; cooking, being together, having friends over, coffee space, reading the newspaper in the morning, watching the channel through the window or having a cocktail with friends after a long dinner in the lounge were all situations that the clients wished to have, and we know for a fact that they have achieved them all.

For the ground level we generated an organisational block in the middle, between the bedroom and the study room that gives on the garden. The aim was to leave the rest of the space open and to try to connect the spaces towards the private garden located at the back of the house. Given their love for nature and plants, we wanted to bring the view of the garden inside and emphasize this connection both bisually and physically. So we got rid of the low door frames that were in the corridor and inserted two door solutions that go from floor to ceiling. For the bedroom, we added a solid upcycled wooden sliding door to keep the privacy of this room and for the office, we placed a glass steel frame door to keep it insulated from the rest of the house while still getting the bright connection to the garden from the corridor.  

An interesting feature of this block is the interior window connecting visually the bathroom to the garden through the office. This window also helps bring natural light to the bathroom, which is the only enclosed space of the apartment. We can truly say, that there is not one corner of this apartment that doesn’t have natural light!

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